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Bees, Moths & Butterflies


Wildlife talks by Wild Owl

Bees, Moths & Butterflies Afternoon  1 hour & 2 hour Visits

This visit is a new low-budget after lunch session for schools within 30 miles of Yate.

Suitable for Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 classes the children learn all about these wonderful insects and things they can do to help them. An exclusive Wild Owl Powerpoint presentation features fascinating photographs of leafcutter bees, bumble bees, moths and butterflies.

The presentations explain the vital role that insects play in pollination and the links to our food production as well as looking at the things that these insect need to survive, from food plants and flowers to bee houses.

Ideas are given for plants that can be planted in the schools wildlife garden and also how easy it is to make an insect house for solitary bees and other insects.

Children’s interactive KS1 PowerPoint presentation

interaction with the children throughout the session guaranteed to keep even the youngest enthralled

Presentations for each group are up to 1 hour

Sessions are ideally held in the school hall but can also be in classroom

Please note: Arrival time for this service is 12.30pm - first class 1-2pm & optional second class 2-3pm

Due to the structured learning of the children’s PowerPoint presentation, it is recommended that a minimum of 45 minutes is allowed for each group

* This service is only available for schools within 30 miles of Yate BS37 - half day visits are available for schools in a wider geographical area within my working range.

NB. contact me for availability first!




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