This owl was found somewhere else and used as a prop for an educational photograph to raise awareness of road mortalities.

Barn Owl Traffic Casualty

Another educational photograph abut the dangers of water troughs to owls. This is the same bird as the revious picture.

Drowned Barn Owl

This owl was actually hit by a car but I used it for this staged photograph to raise awareness of mortality during cold winters.

Winter Starvation

Many sparrowhawks die after colliding with glass windows whilst chasing prey. Clean windows look nice but are lethal to birds so buy some stickers!

Sparrowhawk by Window

This large badger was at the side of a main road and I stopped and photographed it - very sad.

Badger Road Casualty

A tawny owl lies by the side of a country lane in Chavenage. Not a busy road but someone drove too fast and the owl never stood a chance.

Tawny Owl Casualty

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