Impala silhouette taken at dusk on the Shamwari Reserve in South Africa


A leopard looks out from its day retreat in the shade.


A male lion rests during the midday sun. His face bears the marks of fighting.

Lion (m)

It looks like she’s roaring but in fact it is a big yawn!

Lion (f)

Lion King - this male looks on at his pride.

Lion (m)

Not a cat to mess with - a lioness makes eye contact.

Lion (f)

This male lion shows its teet - all these lion photos were taken from a jeep with no windows and just 3 bullets in the rangers gun.

Lion (m)

About the only time the sun came out when I was on safari in South Africa - it really lifts the photo.

Lion (m)

The size of a VW van and a horn to boot - this is the less aggresive species of rhino in Africa.

White Rhino

A black and white close up showing blood from a recent wound from sparring with other rhinos.

White Rhino

Forget lions, the cape buffalo is actually one of the most dangerous animals in Africa.

Cape Buffalo

The infamous monkeys at ongleat Safari Park, this one holds my attention as his mates steal my wheel trims!

Rhesus Monkey

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