Barn owls prefer to nest in tree cavities or on a concealed ledge in a barn - installing a nest box will give them an additional option to a natural site.

Info on Barn Owl Boxes

Tawny owls generally nest in tree cavities or sometimes they use old crows nests. A nest box is a good alternative f installed using these guidelines

Info on Tawny Owl Boxes

Little owls can be hard to tempt into a nest box if they are happy where they are but it’s still worth considering installing one in case things change.

Info on Little Owl Boxes

Long-eared owls and short-eared owls have different requirements for breeding as this page explains

Helping the ‘eared’ Owls

The Barn Owl Trust is an excellent source of information for nest box advice and plans for making your own - visit

The Barn Owl Centre of Gloucestershire is a small charity based in Gloucestershire that sells a range of owl nest boxes to raise funds for their excellent conservation and rehabilitation work - visit

Useful contacts for more information


The World Owl Trust are good friends of Wild owl and an owl charity that work all over the world to promote and support the conservation of wild owls - visit

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