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Short-eared Owls of the Severn Estuary

This exclusive presentation is rare amongst speakers and promises to offer a fascinating insight into this beautiful owl species. Having spent many weeks over the years photographing and filming short-eared owls I have been rewarded with a rare insight into their behaviours and challenges, including visiting a nest on wild moorland in this species breeding grounds.

Featuring many colourful photographs taken by me over the years, this talk looks at their moorland environment, nesting and young, hunting methods and focus’s on the short-eared owls that visit the salt marshes along the River Severn in South Gloucestershire

45 min 1-part show: £60.00

Travel is charged at my standard rate of 0.45p/mile (min £10 travel charge)

A close look at the short-eared owl (Asio flammeous)

Over 100 colourful slides

Fascinating facts about this small and beautiful British owl

1-part 45 minutes presentation

Suitable for all adult interest groups

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Only available in certain regions - please see here for my geographical range for visits

Talk fee is subject to return travel @0.45p/mile (min £10.00)- total cost of visit will be quoted on enquiry.


Not included

Short-eared Owls of the

Severn Estuary


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