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With over 15 years experience as a children’s wildlife educator my educational visits to Primary schools are in high demand and I have lots of regular customers

Using a combination of Powerpoint shows, exclusive Wild Owl videos and a live British owl my visits are an experience the children never forget.

My school visits are not an ‘owl display’ but is targeted wildlife education at its best, with a specific slant on owl conservation but also including wildlife gardening.

Primary School Visits

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I have given talks to interest groups for over 15 years and am renowned as a highly entertaining speaker with brilliant visual presentations.

Whether you are a WI group, a wildlife charity, a small community group or a retirement group my choice of presentations will offer you and your members a memorable experience.

New talks for 2017/18 are now ready and include my popular owl presntations and an inspiring new ‘Wild Owl TV Garden’ presentation.

I specialise in short-notice bookings so please contact me by if your speaker has cancelled.

Talks for Adult Groups

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Visiting Range

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Booking Information

Children's barn owl experience

I can be booked to bring a tame barn owl to Brownies & Rainbows groups as well as nurseries, out of school clubs etc.

This affordable experience is just me and the owl meeting the group and telling them all about barn owls and how their special features help them hunt and survive in the wild.

No slides are shown but the session is very interactive and a wonderful experience the children will never forget.

Children’s Barn Owl Experience


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Price List for Services

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A Wild Owl bicycle safari is a brilliant way to combine exercise and wildlife education.

As a keen cyclist myself I am fully equiped to lead a group of families along safe routes in search of wildlife habitats to raise awareness of the animals that live in these habitats with a particular emphasis in creating habitats in your own garden for wildlife.

This service is aimed at Local Authorities, Health Organisations, Cycling Groups and Community Groups.

Bicycle Safaris

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I have been leading community owl prowls for over 20 years and these events are almost folklore in some communities!

Available for Local Authorities and community groups, owl prowls are a nightime woodland walk in search of hooting tawny owls combined with a series of fascinating picture shows presented on the i-Pad by me together with lots of information on British owls.

Owl Prowls

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Meeting the public at shows and community events is an opportunity to discuss a wide range of subjects with people and give advice on a wide range of subjects - but with an amphisis on owls it also generated a conflict with demands to bring a live owl and the pubics perception of my bird being a ‘pet’. That is the reason for me declining invitations to accept this type of work.

However, with my recent move in to wildlife gardening education I have now created a brand new set of display boards for shows and offer attendance with or without an owl

Shows & Events

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Whether you are an art groupl or a children’s club you will love my ‘Draw an Owl’ visit.

My barn owl  Misty and my tawny owl Jaz will sit patiently on a perch so they can be drawn or painted - an amazing opportunity to study these beautiful birds.

During the session I will deliver a regular commentary about the species, their features and how they survive in the wild.

This unique service is a wonderful way to appreciate owls and learn more about them. (Also available for schools)

Draw an Owl Sessions

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