Wild Owl Gardens is a brand new visiting service for gardeners and home-owners in South Gloucestershire who wish to attract more birds and wildlife to their garden

The aim of this low-cost visiting service is to advise customers who have limited knowledge of birds and other wildlife and to help them increase the amount of species living in or visiting their garden as part of the creation of your very own back Garden Nature reserve, just as I have done in the Wild Owl TV garden.

This service is currently being developed - please contact me to register your interest

Would like help and advice to attract wildlife to your garden and create your very own Back Garden Nature Reserve?

This new low-cost visiting service by Ian McGuire can give you a helping hand with tips and advice tailored to your specific requirements - this service will be available soon!

Wild Owl Gardens

Advice to attract birds, amphibians, butterflies, moths, bees and other insects and wildlife to your garden

Bespoke advice on creating habitats and refuges for wildlife in your garden

Advice on planting for bees, moths & butterflies

Advice on the best bird foods for your garden

Advice on selecting the most appropriate wildlife products for your needs from on-line suppliers

Fascinating Wild Owl video presentations are shown on my visit

Simple management plan provided together with advisory notes

Bespoke advice unique to your garden and circumstances to target the most likely species

Only available in South Gloucestershire

No products are supplied by me but advice is given on selecting feeders, nest boxes, bee habitats etc

Products are not supplied but advice on selection is given - simple installation of boxes, feeders etc. is offered in special cases (a visiting fee will be charged if return visit is required)

Advice is given in the best of my knowledge but no responsibility is taken for failures


Not included




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