This video is an introduction to the too-whit too-whoo owl of woodlands, the tawny owl. Narrated by Ian McGuire it is a guide to identifying and helping this species.

An Introduction to the Tawny Owl

The long-eared owl is an elusive woodland owl that is often hard to find. In this video, I explain abouts its life, breeding behaviour and feeding and the things we can do to conserve their numbers.

An Introduction to the Long-eared Owl

The short-eared owl is a day-flying owl of moorland and heathland. This video includes fascinating footage of fledglngs on the nest and explains about the life of this nomadic owl.

An Introduction to the Short-eared Owl

In November 2015 I visited Yvonne Cox of Hedgehog Rescue to see her new Hedgehog Hospital facility and learn about her work (edited to 20 minutes)

Hedgehog Rescue Special Report (20 min edit)

The full un-edited version of my visit to the Hedgehog Rescue hospital in Yate, South Gloucestershire.

Hedgehog Rescue Special Report (full film)

In the Wild Owl garden I have a thriving amhibian population. This film explains what I’ve done to encourage frogs, toads, newts & slow worms.

Providing Refuge For Amphibians & Reptiles

Live mealworms are a highy valuable food to offer garden birds at the height of the breeding season. This speeded up video shows you how popular they were in the Wild Owl garden in 2015.

Summer Picnic 2015

In the Wild Owl garden wood mice often breed in bumble bee houses like this little chappie.

Meet Mr Wood Mouse

The woodpecker pole is a tree branch that has been drilled out, filled with suet and stuck in the ground to attract great-spotted woodpeckers to the Wild Owl garden - it works a treat!

The Woodpecker Pole

Action from the bird feeders in the Wild Owl garden on a winters morning in 2016.

Bird Feeder Cam 9th Feb 2016

An entertaining short film showing a wood mouse rading an open container of peanuts on my decking area.

Cheeky Mouse

Every spring frogs return to the Wild Owl garden pond to breed. This video gets in amongst them.

The Frogs Have Arrived

My retired educational owl, Jaz, lives in an aviary in the Wild Owl garden. Although she is fed by me, she often hunts for her own food and today has caught an unfortunate wood mouse.

Mrs Owl Catches a Wood Mouse

A round-up of all the wildlife comings and goings in the Wild owl garden including badgers, foxes, wood mice, birds and much more.

Wild Owl Garden Update March 2016

In Apri 2016 a pair of mallard ducks visited the Wild Owl garden and stayed for a couple of weeks. In this short video I get up close & personal with them both - we call them Duckie & Quackie!

Duckie & Quackie Come to Dinner

A wren has worked out that when the shed door is closed, it can sneak in through a hole to raid the mealworm tub. Another amazing video from Wild Owl TV.

The Shed Thief

I feed a wide selection of wildlife in the Wild Owl garden throughout the year, including badgers

Video Diary - Mr Badger Comes to Dinner

The Wild Owl TV You Tube channel is the home of all Wild Owl produced videos - here is just a selection of videos from the channe


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A Robin has made a nest in a shed at Oakfield Farm Camping in Horton, South Gloucestershire

The Robin Nest

Brian Lowe is the RSPB’s Corncrake Warden on the Outer Hebridean island of North Uist. Here I join Brian for a moon-lit walk in search of this marvelous little bird.

Wild Owl TV Meets   Captain Corncrake

Two pairs of robins breed each side of the Wild Owl garden, with the path being the dividing territorial line. Both males feed from the hand and often squabble over who gets fed first!

Feeding Robins Left & Right

Every spring frogs return to the Wild Owl pond to spawn.

The Frogs Are Back 2017

My educational owl Jaz lives alone but still lays at least one clutch of infertile eggs every spring

Jaz Lays an Egg

Wild Owl TV logo

Some of the wildlife highlights from my 2016 trip to North Uist in the Outer Hebrides

Wild Owl TV Trip to North Uist 2016

This male sparrowhawk caught a small bird in the Wild Owl garden and after grabbing the camera I managed to get this footage.

Sparrowhawk with Prey

A wild tawny owl pays a visit to the Wild Owl garden

Wild Tawny Owl Pays a Visit

This young wood mouse was not at all worried about me as it came on to the decking for oeanuts

Confiding Wood Mouse in the Wild Owl Garden

Robin Left is one of two robins that ive in the garden - they sing to declare their territories.

Robin Left Singing in the Wild Owl Garden

These two robins feed from the hand and are great company to have in the garden every morning

Feeding Robin Left & Robin Right Feb 2017

Badgers visit the Wild Owl garden most nights to feed on peanuts.

Midnight Feast with Mr Badger

A wild mallard duck nested under a hebe shrub in the garden in 2016 and again in 2017. This is the moment the eggs hatched.

Wild Mallard Ducklings Hatching in the Wild Owl Garden

Useful information for anyone that would like to attract more solitary bees in the garden buy installing a specially made bee house.

An Introduction to Solitary Bee Habitats

An underwater insight into whats beneath the surface of the Wild Owl pond

8 Minutes in the Wild Owl Pond

Badgers are very powerful diggers as this individual shows as it digs under he fence in the Wild Owl garden

Badger Digging in the Wild Owl Garden

An update from May 2017 on things happening in the garden

Wild Owl Garden Update 10.05.17

If you think owls are cute and cuddly then think again as this slow motion video of my ‘tame’ tawny owl Jaz shows.

Why Owls Can be Dangerous

This wonderful video tells the story of the wild mallard ducks that nested in the Wild Owl garden in Spring 2017

Duckie & Quackies Story

A garden update from the Wild Owl garden

The Wild Owl VLOG 06.07.17

I use stainless steel feeding bowls for the badgers peanuts and a ‘clang’ in the middle of th night is usually a sign that they are visiting!

The Clanging Badger Bowl

This cheecky grey squirrel is doing its best to steal bird food in the garden

Grey Squirrel 02.09.17

This southern hawker dragonfly has visited the pond to lay its eggs

Southern Hawker Dragonfly 02.08.17

Its amazing how planting just a few plants can give life to butterflies.

The Nasturtium Munchers 05 08 17

Coming to the rescue of a red-tailed bumblebee that I found in the garden - it was very weak but soon recovered.

Bumblebee Rescue

09 08 17

An update from the Wild Owl TV garden in August 2017

Video Diary 14 08 17

This is one of those videos that just goes in its own direction

Bat Roost Discovery

15 08 17

A simple fruit feeding station can attract a wide variety of moths and butterflies

The Moth Feeder

Another visit by a badger in the Wild Owl garden

Badger Visit 20 08 17

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A look at te wintering short-eared owls that visit Aust Wharf and Marshfield in South Gloucestershire every winter.

Short-eared Owls in South Gloucestershire

After a couple of months absence a great-spotted woodpecker visits the woodpecker pole then takes a drink to wash down her meal.

Mrs Woodpecker Pays a Visit 20.09.17

A Wild Owl Bicycle Safari is a great way to learn about wildllife and get out in the fresh air on your bike - educational fun for all the family.

Wild Owl Bicycle Safari

After the last visit 3 years previously a Kingfisher is fishing in the Wild Owl pond and using the newly installed Kingfisher Pole!

Kingfisher Visit 17.10.17

Mr Jingles was my educational harvest mouse and a very special little chappie.

Meet Mr Jingles the

Harvest Mouse

As the Wild Owl garden slowly fades into winter Ian gives an update on the wildlife activity

Garden Update 29.10.17

A pair of brown rats have moved into the garden and have made themselves at home in a burrow under a rubber dustbin lid

Rat Cam

Superb video of a wild tawny owl that has been attracted into the garden by my captive owl  Jaz

Tawny Owl Visits the Wild Owl Garden

Brown rats are still living in the garden and are very cautious when they want some food


This mouse had a very close call when it ventured into my tawny owl’s aviary.

Lucky Mouse

An end of November video diary update from the Wild Owl garden including a hedgehog & info on the new moth trap.

Diary Update 27.11.17

This pretty male bullfinch taking a bath in the waterfall is like a Christmas decoration

Bullfinch in the Waterfall

The Woodpecker Pole in the Wild Owl garden is regularly visited by great-spotted woodpeckers. Here is a peek of a longer video to be posted in 2018

Great-spotted Woodpecker Taster

The little owl is the UKs smallest owl and after being introduced in the 19th Century is now very much at home in England and parts of Wales and the Scottish borders.

An Introduction to the Little Owl (2009)

During the winter I get infrequent visits from individual badgers - this particular one knew exactly where to get a winter snack as it heads straight for the peanuts in the covered dish

Badger Pays a Winter Visit

This grey wagtail is a regular visitor to the Wild Owl garden pond.

Grey Wagtail Visits the Pond

The goldfinch is one of our most colourful birds and is easily attracted to the garden with the right food offering.

Goldfinch on Niger

Pleased to say I've finally come out of hibernation to make this first video diary of 2018 and introduce you to a very special new robin on the block

Diary Update 09.02.18

Wrennie is getting very confiding these days.

Wrennie is Just the Cutest Little Chappie

A frozen pond means this grey wagtail can literally 'walk on water!'

Grey Wagtail On Ice

In this next video diary I feed a few of the most confiding wild birds in the Wild Owl garden including my new best friend, a very trusting Robin Right

Video Diary 13.02.18

This video diary from Yate-based wildlife educator Ian McGuire gives some tips on feeding wild birds in the garden this winter.

Feeding Wild Birds

This mallard duck has nested in the garden the last couple of years - this year it looks like she might nest on the new duck platform.

Duckie Making Nest

This rare hawfinch has been paying daily visits to the garden of friend and local photographer Rich McD in Yate, South Gloucestershire.

Hawfinch in a Yate Garden

This latest vlog from the Wild Owl garden in Yate, South Gloucestershire includes great footage of a wood mouse visiting the bumble bee house followed by another important prospecting visitor.

Wild Owl Garden Vlog

12 04 18

Sometimes there are things in the garden you just don't want to see at this time of the morning!!!

X-rated Squirrel

Duckie takes a break from incubating her eggs to chlll out with me and have dinner alfresco in the sun.

Dinner With Duckie 19.04.18

In this first part of a 3-part video vlog I return from 3 nights in Devon to find 2 mallard ducklings have hatched on the Wild Owl pond but there is no trace of the other 10 eggs

Garden Vlog 23 04 18 Duckie Ducklings Part 1

This latest vlog from the Wild Owl garden in Yate, South Gloucestershire includes great footage of a wood mouse visiting the bumble bee house followed by another important prospecting visitor.

Garden Vlog 24 04 18 Duckie Ducklings Part 2

In this final installment of the Duckie's Ducklings vlog, I meet the two ducklings up close and discover they are just the cutest residents in the garden!

Garden Vlog 24 04 18 Duckie Ducklings Part 3