This video is an introduction to the too-whit too-whoo owl of woodlands, the tawny owl. Narrated by Ian McGuire it is a guide to identifying and helping this species.

An Introduction to the Tawny Owl

The long-eared owl is an elusive woodland owl that is often hard to find. In this video, I explain abouts its life, breeding behaviour and feeding and the things we can do to conserve their numbers.

An Introduction to the Long-eared Owl

The short-eared owl is a day-flying owl of moorland and heathland. This video includes fascinating footage of fledglngs on the nest and explains about the life of this nomadic owl.

An Introduction to the Short-eared Owl

In November 2015 I visited Yvonne Cox of Hedgehog Rescue to see her new Hedgehog Hospital facility and learn about her work (edited to 20 minutes)

Hedgehog Rescue Special Report (20 min edit)

The full un-edited version of my visit to the Hedgehog Rescue hospital in Yate, South Gloucestershire.

Hedgehog Rescue Special Report (full film)

In the Wild Owl garden I have a thriving amhibian population. This film explains what I’ve done to encourage frogs, toads, newts & slow worms.

Providing Refuge For Amphibians & Reptiles

Live mealworms are a highy valuable food to offer garden birds at the height of the breeding season. This speeded up video shows you how popular they were in the Wild Owl garden in 2015.

Summer Picnic 2015

In the Wild Owl garden wood mice often breed in bumble bee houses like this little chappie.

Meet Mr Wood Mouse

The woodpecker pole is a tree branch that has been drilled out, filled with suet and stuck in the ground to attract great-spotted woodpeckers to the Wild Owl garden - it works a treat!

The Woodpecker Pole

Action from the bird feeders in the Wild Owl garden on a winters morning in 2016.

Bird Feeder Cam 9th Feb 2016

An entertaining short film showing a wood mouse rading an open container of peanuts on my decking area.

Cheeky Mouse

Every spring frogs return to the Wild Owl garden pond to breed. This video gets in amongst them.

The Frogs Have Arrived

My retired educational owl, Jaz, lives in an aviary in the Wild Owl garden. Although she is fed by me, she often hunts for her own food and today has caught an unfortunate wood mouse.

Mrs Owl Catches a Wood Mouse

A round-up of all the wildlife comings and goings in the Wild owl garden including badgers, foxes, wood mice, birds and much more.

Wild Owl Garden Update March 2016

In Apri 2016 a pair of mallard ducks visited the Wild Owl garden and stayed for a couple of weeks. In this short video I get up close & personal with them both - we call them Duckie & Quackie!

Duckie & Quackie Come to Dinner

A wren has worked out that when the shed door is closed, it can sneak in through a hole to raid the mealworm tub. Another amazing video from Wild Owl TV.

The Shed Thief

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I feed a wide selection of wildlife in the Wild Owl garden throughout the year, including badgers

Video Diary - Mr Badger Comes to Dinner

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A Robin has made a nest in a shed at Oakfield Farm Camping in Horton, South Gloucestershire

The Robin Nest

Brian Lowe is the RSPB’s Corncrake Warden on the Outer Hebridean island of North Uist. Here I join Brian for a moon-lit walk in search of this marvelous little bird.

Wild Owl TV Meets   Captain Corncrake

Two pairs of robins breed each side of the Wild Owl garden, with the path being the dividing territorial line. Both males feed from the hand and often squabble over who gets fed first!

Feeding Robins Left & Right

Every spring frogs return to the Wild Owl pond to spawn.

The Frogs Are Back 2017

My educational owl Jaz lives alone but still lays at least one clutch of infertile eggs every spring

Jaz Lays an Egg

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